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February 06, 2007

Introducing SearchAdvisor!

Big news from ChannelAdvisor today for eTailers that want to cost-effectively manage and scale their paid search campaigns without adding costly resources or sacrificing ROI targets. Today we are launching our new SearchAdvisor product after a lot of kick-*** work from our engineers over the last few weeks. They have essentially taken our cool in-house search platform, sprinkled some pixie dust on it and turned it into the /*single solution*/ to manage keywords on a product or sales margin basis for Google , Yahoo! , MSN and Ask.com (yes, all of them), allowing you to know which keywords drive the most profit…and which keywords fail to drive a profit. What does SearchAdvisor do for online retailers? Lots of great things: * *Integrated Campaign Management *Use a single interface* *to create, manage and analyze paid search campaigns. * *Search Marketing Analytics *Robust reporting that allows you to optimize campaigns based on the profitability of individual keywords enabling you to view campaign performance by order, products sold or revenue generated. * *Bulk Campaign Upload *Define your search marketing campaigns and keywords, then launch your paid search marketing efforts to all supported engines with a single click. * *Automated Bid Management *Create and manage bidding rules that automatically adjust your bid strategies based on performance, eliminating the daily workload which allows you to focus on your overall success. * *Multi-Channel Reporting *Integrate and track all of your multi-channel performance including paid search, natural search and comparison shopping engines from a single application allowing you to maximize your time and profitability. * *Landing Page Optimization *View the performance and compare landing pages based on combined revenue, expense, conversion rates and profitability across all channels. If creating, analyzing and optimizing multiple campaigns on multiple search engines or evaluating and acting on per-term profitability is giving you headaches, SearchAdvisor may just be that silver bullet you're looking for. Share This